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International Journal of TESOL Studies

International Journal of TESOL Studies (IJTS) is a fully peer-reviewed international journal published by Cranmore Publications, UK, and managed by the International TESOL Union (UK). It publishes both original empirical research and systematic review studies on teaching and learning English as a second and foreign language at all education levels. The journal is broadly concerned with linguistics applied to education and welcomes contributions in, but not limited to, the following areas:

  1. English speaking/listening/reading/writing
  2. translation and interpreting studies
  3. curriculum design and development
  4. professional preparation and development
  5. English for academic purposes
  6. discourse analysis/genre analysis
  7. language and culture
  8. language and society
  9. language testing and evaluation
  10. language planning and policy
  11. multilingualism and multilingual education
  12. information technology and language education
  13. critical thinking and language education

Call for Papers: Region Profiles on English Language Education


With the trend towards globalization, English has become the lingua franca for international and intercultural communications. The teaching of English, as a foreign/second language, has thus taken on an increasingly important role around the world ranging from primary to tertiary levels. However, much still remains unknown to the global TESOL community about how English language education is currently organized and implemented in specific countries and regions. Accordingly, International Journal of TESOL Studies invites submissions year-round on English language education from English teachers, researchers, and government officials around the world.


Types of Submissions

We envision submissions in two broad categories: pedagogy and policy. The pedagogy-oriented papers take a more micro view of teaching practices in English classrooms. After introducing the context and conditions of language education in the chosen region, papers will elaborate on the overall process of English teaching encompassing materials development, instructional practices, classroom management, and/or assessment. They may focus on one of those components; they may also specify teaching practices for specific language skills, such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This type of paper can be a case study or of experimental design. Data sources can include personal reflections, interviews with teachers, teaching logs, classroom observations, etc.


Policy papers will take a macro view of the national language and literacy education conditions in their specific regions. The paper might trace the historical evolution of English language education and/or reveal social, cultural, and political backgrounds. It can also clarify the current educational, linguistic, and economic systems of English language education. Data sources will mainly derive from systematic review and synthesis of historical records and official documents.


Format of Submissions

Individual authors can submit their manuscripts through the IJTS online submission interface:


Interested researchers are also welcome to propose and guest edit special issues on English language education in their own regions. Prospective guest-editors should contact the Chief Editor, Dr. Xinghua Liu at by submitting recent CVs and proposals of approximately 300 words describing the rationale and work plan.  



Currently, the following two means of support are available to support this project:

  • Published papers will automatically enter the pool of selections for the International Journal of TESOL Studies Paper Award.
  • Contributors of the published papers who wish to further explore their chosen areas of research can contact the Chief Editor and indicate their interests in applying for the International TESOL Union Seed Funding for TESOL Studies.


Useful References

  • Cummins, J., & Davison, C. (Eds.). (2007). International Handbook of English Language Teaching (Vol. 15). Springer Science & Business Media.           
  • Perez-Amurao, A. (2019). Revisiting Thailand’s English language education landscape: A closer look at Thailand’s foreign teaching personnel demographics. International Journal of TESOL Studies, 1(1), 34-50.