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  1. Motivational Dialogue in the Second Language Setting
  2. James P. Lantolf The Pennsylvania State University, USA Abstract This study argues for the relevance of a model o
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  1. Development of Criticality in Thought: A Conceptual Framework for Online Student Discussion Forums in Higher Education
  2. Nadya Shaznay Patel Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore Abstract Assessing student understanding and ext
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  1. The Structures and Functions of Lexical Bundles in Argumentative Essays by Chinese EFL Students at the Tertiary Level
  2. Wenfeng Yang Yantian Yunhai School, China Qi Fang Shenzhen University, China Abstract The present study inv
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  1. Enhancing Interactional Competence Through the Use of English Expressions
  2. Junaitha Gaffoor Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore Padma Rao Singapore Institute of Technology, Singap
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  1. Theories and Practices of Language Education: An Interview with Prof. Zhuanglin Hu
  2. Liangtao Lai Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China Zhuanglin Hu Peking University, China Abstract In this in
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  1. Special Issue: The Relevance of Terms like ESL and EFL in a Linguistically Complex World
  2. Editorial    Labels and Realities: The Relevance of Terms like ESL and EFL in a Linguistically Comp
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  1. English Speakers in Hong Kong
  2. John C. Wakefield Hong Kong Baptist University, China Abstract This paper argues it is no longer possible to refe
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  1. Multilingual English Language Teaching in the Philippines
  2. Jovie D. Espino Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines Dan Henry F. Gonzales Ateneo de Manila University, Phili
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  1. The Relevance of 'EFL', 'ESL' and Other Such Terms in Contemporary Contexts: The Case of Malaysian English
  2. Azirah Hashim University of Malaya, Malaysia Gerhard Leitner Free University Berlin, Germany Abstract Engli
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  1. Konglish as Cultural Practice: Reconsidering the English Language in South Korea
  2. Joseph Sung-Yul Park National University of Singapore, Singapore Abstract English in South Korea, where the langu
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  1. “EFL + α”: Attitudes Towards English Use in Japan Around Necessity, Value, and Ability
  2. Eric K. Ku Akita University, Japan Gavin Furukawa Sophia University, Japan Mie Hiramoto National University of
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